Saturday, September 17, 2005

Get in the car, don't touch nothin' sit in the car! (Juelz Santana, 2003)

I was at a spot last night and 'Yeah' (Usher ft. Ludacris) came on. Funny thing is, as infectious as the beat/melody may be, i don't know why but it still kinda surprises me when i hear girls sing that line Ludacris spits: 'if they ain't cuttin' then i put 'em on foot patrol'. Maybe i'm gettin old at 24 (even though i've always had these thoughts since i heard girls and guys barking to DMX's 'Get At Me Dog' at a concert when i was 19). Seriously though, the line above from Juelz in 'Hey Ma' is hilarious because of the audacity and way he drops it but can you imagine that being said to a girl? Can you really whisper to a girl 'im'a beat that pu**y up' or 'wait 'til you see my d**k'... without getting your jaw tapped? I think not. But when 'Whisper Song' is played in clubs the girls get open. It just shows us the power of not only this thing we call hip-hop , but of music in general. Truly powerful. I say music in general, but then again i don't know of another genre that can have 2,500 people trying to impersonate a dog barking- on beat!!! I guess this shows us the power in the music and it's potential for better things...if we choose.




Blogger neo said...

LOL! As much as I tried to dislike the Dips at the time that line always has me loling

19/9/05 22:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur only hatin on dip set bcuz ur a lame

5/10/05 01:32  
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